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Stavianis Špačková a Petr Pelzmann - From The Street

The exhibition is called "from the street", which brings to our minds associations not only between the artists, but also with the location of the gallery itself.

The exhibition carries the intriguing title of "From the Street," which cleverly conceals a multitude of narratives and associations, encompassing not only the artistic realm but also the very essence of the space it occupies. The exhibition's concept was developed through a collaboration between Kateřina Slunéčková and the artistic representative, Sarah Adnanová. Their inspiration was drawn from the evocative nature of the artists' works, the dynamics of human interaction, and the unique setting of the gallery itself, which taps into the street ambiance of Letna and its proximity to the Academy of Fine Arts.

The exhibition also pays homage to artistic communities that reach beyond the boundaries of prestigious institutions, recognizing the significant contributions of graduate artists who play a vital role in shaping the contemporary art landscape.
In creating the visuals for the exhibition, Slunečková was directly inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat's famous photograph of him carrying his painting on the street in New York. The photography for the Špačková and Pelzmann exhibition was skillfully captured by acclaimed American photographer Robert Carrithers. Carrithers has gained renown for his extensive visual documentation of prominent figures worldwide over the course of several decades. Notably, his work includes an iconic portrayal of Basquiat during the vibrant art scene of the 1980s in the United States.

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