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Ewa Maj

I'm part of the SALON exibition

Ewa Maj was born in 1986 in Częstochowa, Poland.In 2013, she obtained a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Painting at the Jan Długosz Academy, in her hometown. After a break, she resumed her artistic activity in 2022, focusing mainly on oil painting, occasionally engaging in drawing. ARTIST STATEMENT : My work embodies a manifestation of romantic radicalism. I don't attempt to stifle my instinct - a powerful force that guides my artistic decisions. I perceive it as a form of pre-rational or pre-reflective action. Striving to be more instinctual than wise, I allow intuition and imagination to guide my hand. My pieces are filled with surreal narration, where familiar places serve as a backdrop for supernatural phenomena. Fantastic characters spontaneously come to life. Specters dance in the corners of my home. As I keenly observe their extraordinary dances, I listen intently to what the spirits and messengers of folk beliefs have to say, hoping to discover something about myself as well. Inspired by Jerzy Kosiński's quote: "During the day, peace reigned in the world. At night, the war continued," I began a series titled "Diaries Written at Night." and “Hags” Initially, the series was intended to be solely a painterly commentary. In August 2023, my brother passed away, and these tragic events prompt me to enrich the diaries with written content as well. I plan to share with the audience even the most intimate thoughts, in exchange for stress reduction. I believe that such a practice will lead me a bit further on the path of personal development and self-discovery


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