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I'm part of the SALON exibition

Vojtěch Čapek (*1989), living in Prague, began his artistic journey around 2006 with graffiti and street art, both domestically and abroad. Originally experimenting with the shapes of letters, he gradually transitioned to abstract expression. His work can be divided into two main lines. The first line focuses on typography, exploring and shaping letters, reflecting his history as a graffiti artist. The second and more dominant line consists of his paintings, which emphasize the composition of color fields that captivate with their gradients. His goal is to convey strong emotions to the viewer through his paintings, whether it be certain color spectra, the sky, or the horizon. His paintings demonstrate precision in color transitions and the subtle treatment of color shades, which gives the artist's canvases fullness and vitality. His works feature a deep blue sky, the orange reflections of the hot summer sun, or the gentle pink glow of the approaching dawn. His ambitious artistic form aims to contribute to both corporate and residential interiors, developing modern artistic culture in an innovative way with his completely original style.


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