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I'm part of the SALON exibition

The theme of my work is matter. Matter as substance, as structure, and as the fundamental principle underlying any given object or technology. I like to compare my artistic practice to a child's play in a sandbox: as a child molds sand cakes, they unknowingly learn about how the world around operates. Similarly, I do some formally simple things: for example, drawing elementary abstract forms (ovals, circles), kneading oil paint or mud (from the ordinary soil beneath my house) – and through the behavior of the material, I discover something new about physical reality or about myself, observing and sensing it. Naturally, I work with a wide range of mediums: painting, digital graphics, objects, and interactive installations. Music is also part of my artistic practice – two of my music albums were released in 2023. It's also worth mentioning that for a year and a half, I was a member of the artist collective Krasnyj Kruzhok (rus. "Small Red Circle"), led by Russian artist and dissident Avdey Ter-Oganyan. Within the group, we addressed issues about contemporary art and engaged in its critique, and the results of our work were provocative conceptual projects and exhibitions. It's fair to say that while my art was previously more technology-oriented and the ideas behind my works were rather cumbersome and difficult to understand, participating in collective work made my approach more About paintings Entropy work in progress A painting series, currently comprising about 20 paintings and 20 small-scale works on paper. All the paintings depict simple still lifes unburdened by any narrative or symbolism. What interests me is the collision and interaction of colorful masses. With appropriate expression, oil paint seems to rupture the surface of the image, and the colorful substance emerges outward. The viewer's attention shifts from the image of the material world to the matter itself. Link


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