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"Wildly and purely”


“until, at last, the sun burns the last of itself
and you swallow yourself in darkness
there will be no need to feel exhausted
because indifference was rejected”

The exhibition explores the contradictions, diversity and inexorability of our time that shape human life and nature. Following the example of a poem celebrating natural strength and simplicity, we will attempt to create an environment where ideas of strength and fragility can be explored, where the unpredictable and irresistible can be probed with as much directness as the environment permits.

"but you are still in the countryside
as was John Steinbeck
wildly and purely you are faced with
broken grass in the meadows"

The works shown reflect different perspectives on the complexity of human existence. Qualities such as courage and strength found in wild nature are confronted with naivety and tameness. If you were to take the works of art assembled as a bouquet of broken fragments of grass in a meadow, they speak not only of human life and its relationship to the environment; in the paintings, sculptures and other forms exhibited, the natural interplay of order and chaos is captured, inviting viewers to ponder their own position in its fragile balance.

”and one does not hear their blood
until one gets dangerously close
but the creation of a parable is ultimately
always a testimony
and so there is no need to feel exhausted
when the lie is rejected
in the gardens of truth even thought is naked
and you still have time
try to open your eyes a little"

"Wildly and purely“ offers no definitive answers; on the contrary, it asks a number of questions. As in the Sufi gardens of truth, where thought is naked, viewers are invited to open their eyes and immerse themselves in the dialogue that the works engage in. The ambition is not to arrive at a clear judgment, we merely appreciate offering new points of view. The exhibition endeavours to mirror human experience and become a space where art and nature tell a common story. You are cordially invited to be carried away by the simplicity, freedom and beauty resulting from it. Discover a space where plenitude meets candour and you can leave with a new perspective on the world.


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