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26.4 - 31.5. 2024

Michaela Šindlerová works with personal mythology and the questions of identity. She has so far approached the topic from different levels, and the exhibition Chiromancy at M6 Gallery reflects the most current one. Michaela Šindlerová's works are typically narrative, in the past she has looked at the topic through the use of Greek mythology, the gesture of writing and the colourful surface into which the aforementioned writing gesture is currently dissolved. Another typical element is the expressiveness of the works, with the question of identity being unwittingly woven into the work through posing the question "who has the right to abstract painting?". Michaela Šindlerová's exhibition offers visitors not only an overview of her artistic development to date, but also the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich world where personal experience is combined with universal questions of identity.

Curators        Inka Ličková, Anežka Rucká 

Online Chiromancy Gallery

Opening day


Malířská 6,

Praha 7, 170 00


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Kateřina Slunečková

Gallerist / Artist director

Opening Hours

Tue - Thu

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

or by prior arragement

+420 777 914 713

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